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Thule Roof Bars

We stock Thule roof bars for almost every make and model from Audi to Volvo. Click Here to browse our Thule roof bar range or use the roof bar fit guide above to find your system.

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Thule Roof Box

From sleek sports boxes to put your ski's in, to large 600+ litre boxes to put take your holiday gear with you we have a Thule roof box that fits your needs.

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Thule Roof Mount Cycle Carriers

If you already own a set of roof bars then Thule's roof mounted cycle carriers are the most convenient way to carry your bikes. With cycle carriers starting at £51.95 its the most cost effective too.

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Thule Tow Bar Mounted Cycle Carriers

Thule tow bar mounted cycle carriers are ideal for those that have a tow bar fitted to their vehicle due to its easy fit. We stock a large range of tow bar mounted cycle carriers capable of carrying from 2 - 4 bikes.

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Thule Rear Mount Cycle Carriers

If you don't have roof bars on your vehicle, or a tow bar on the back then our range of Thule cycle carriers designed to fit on the back of your vehicle are just the thing for you.

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