Thule 754 Rapid System Foot Pack with 774 Short Roof Adaptor

Thule 754 Rapid System Foot Pack with 774 Short Roof Adaptor

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Thule Rapid System 754 Foot Pack with 774 SRA (Short Roof Adaptor)

The Thule rapid system 754 is a safe and exclusive foot pack for use on vehicles without a fixpoint or roof rails.

Simple to Use

The Thule 754 foot pack is simple to use. Once paired with the required fitting kit for your vehicle it simply grips the roof around the door frame tightens up and clamps in place. But don't worry, each Thule fitting kit comes with contoured rubber feet to match the roof shape and rubber coated steel parts to make sure your vehicle stays scratch free!

It Is Safe too!

The Thule 754 has a built in torque indicator showing you when the roof rack is safely and securely clamped to the roof, and with Thule's patented grip technology it is stronger than any other clamping roof rack foot, so strong it's City Crash approved for 75kg to ISO standards.


Each Thule 754 system comes complete with a set of locks ensuring your roof bar system is secure from theft. With the addition of a Thule OneKey system you can simply buy the required set and use the same key for both your roof bars, cycle carrier, roof box or any other lockable Thule product.

Short Roof Adaptor

When required the Thule 754 foot pack needs to be accompanied with the Thule 774 short roof adaptor. This SRA allows certain vehicles to utilise a Thule roof bar system that otherwise wouldn't be able to accommodate them.


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