Thule Wing Bar 960 Roof Bar

Thule Wing Bar 960 Roof Bar

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Thule WingBar 960 - 108cm Aerodynamic Roof Bar

The Thule WingBar is the most stylish roof bar in the Thule range, with a sleek wing shaped profile it is extremely aerodynamic and silent, so silent you could be forgiven for forgetting you have your roof bars on. Because of the Thule WingBar design being so aerodynamic it is fuel efficient too.

Thule WingBar Key Features

1. Thule WindDiffuser™

The Thule WingBar 960 has been designed to be silent as possible using wind diffuser technology, paired with a structured rubber insert this offers a 90% reduction in noise compared to the Thule AeroBar.

2. T-Track profile

Making the most of the roof bar space you have can be essential, and using a T-Track profile means you can utilise the entire length of your WingBar.

3. Thule WingBar TrailEdge™

The Thule WingBar 960 roof bar design patented TrailEdge has been designed with fuel efficiency in mind and utilizes the same principle's used in most fuel efficient cars designed today.

4. Thule WingPlug

Easy access to your WingBar's T-Track is provided with the use of the WingPlug, a simple flip open end cap moulded to aid with the aerodynamic properties of the WingBar.

5. Thule SmartSlide™

Getting the measurement right when fitting your WingBar is easier than ever thanks to the Thule SmartSlide - an innovative cover with built in length scale

City Crash Tested

Safety is key to any Thule product, and the WingBar is no exception, This is why the Thule WingBar is City Crash approved for 100kg to ISO standards.


Tailored to Fit

The roof bar length you require will vary depending on your vehicle width and fixation point location. All Thule roof bar products are measured and tested to fit your vehicle. Please make sure the components you have are the right ones by using our Thule Fit Guide.


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